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Mongo DB View

Mongo View#


The Mongo View is component responsible for creating read-projections of tasks and business data entries. It implements the Taskpool and Datapool View API and persists the projection as document collections in a Mongo database.


  • stores JSON document representation of enriched tasks, process definitions and business data entries
  • provides single query API
  • provides subscription query API (reactive)
  • switchable subscription query API (AxonServer or MongoDB ChangeStream)

Configuration options#

In order to activate the Mongo implementation, please include the following dependency on your classpath:


The implementation relies on Spring Data Mongo and needs to activate those. Please add the following annotation to any class marked as Spring Configuration loaded during initialization:

public class MyViewConfiguration {


In addition, configure a Mongo connection to database called tasks-payload using or application.yaml:

      database: tasks-payload
      host: localhost
      port: 27017

The view implementation provides runtime details using standard logging facility. If you want to increase the logging level, please setup it e.g. in your application.yaml: DEBUG

Depending on your setup, you might want to use Axon Query Bus for subscription queries or not. MongoDB provides a change stream if run in a replication set. Using the property camunda.taskpool.view.mongo.change-tracking-mode you can control, whether you use subscription query based on Axon Query Bus (value EVENT_HANDLER, default) or based on Mongo Change Stream (value CHANGE_STREAM). If you are not interested in publication of any subscription queries you might choose to disable it by setting the option to value NONE.


The Mongo View uses several collections to store the results. These are:

  • data-entries: collection for business data entries
  • processes: collection for process definitions
  • tasks: collection for user tasks
  • tracking-tokens: collection for Axon Tracking Tokens

Data Entries Collection#

The data entries collection stores the business data entries in a uniform Datapool format. Here is an example:

    "_id" : "io.holunda.camunda.taskpool.example.ApprovalRequest#2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
    "entryType" : "io.holunda.camunda.taskpool.example.ApprovalRequest",
    "payload" : {
        "amount" : "900.00",
        "subject" : "Advanced training",
        "currency" : "EUR",
        "id" : "2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
        "applicant" : "hulk"
    "correlations" : {},
    "type" : "Approval Request",
    "name" : "AR 2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
    "applicationName" : "example-process-approval",
    "description" : "Advanced training",
    "state" : "Submitted",
    "statusType" : "IN_PROGRESS",
    "authorizedUsers" : [
    "authorizedGroups" : [],
    "protocol" : [
            "time" : ISODate("2019-08-21T09:12:54.779Z"),
            "statusType" : "PRELIMINARY",
            "state" : "Draft",
            "username" : "gonzo",
            "logMessage" : "Draft created.",
            "logDetails" : "Request draft on behalf of hulk created."
            "time" : ISODate("2019-08-21T09:12:55.060Z"),
            "statusType" : "IN_PROGRESS",
            "state" : "Submitted",
            "username" : "gonzo",
            "logMessage" : "New approval request submitted."

Tasks Collections#

Tasks are stored in the following format (an example):

    "_id" : "dc1abe54-c3f3-11e9-86e8-4ab58cfe8f17",
    "sourceReference" : {
        "_id" : "dc173bca-c3f3-11e9-86e8-4ab58cfe8f17",
        "executionId" : "dc1a9742-c3f3-11e9-86e8-4ab58cfe8f17",
        "definitionId" : "process_approve_request:1:91f2ff26-a64b-11e9-b117-3e6d125b91e2",
        "definitionKey" : "process_approve_request",
        "name" : "Request Approval",
        "applicationName" : "example-process-approval",
        "_class" : "process"
    "taskDefinitionKey" : "user_approve_request",
    "payload" : {
        "request" : "2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
        "originator" : "gonzo"
    "correlations" : {
        "io:holunda:camunda:taskpool:example:ApprovalRequest" : "2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
        "io:holunda:camunda:taskpool:example:User" : "gonzo"
    "dataEntriesRefs" : [
    "businessKey" : "2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8",
    "name" : "Approve Request",
    "description" : "Please approve request 2db47ced-83d4-4c74-a644-44dd738935f8 from gonzo on behalf of hulk.",
    "formKey" : "approve-request",
    "priority" : 23,
    "createTime" : ISODate("2019-08-21T09:12:54.872Z"),
    "candidateUsers" : [
    "candidateGroups" : [],
    "dueDate" : ISODate("2019-06-26T07:55:00.000Z"),
    "followUpDate" : ISODate("2023-06-26T07:55:00.000Z"),
    "deleted" : false

Process Collection#

Process definition collection allows for storage of startable process definitions, deployed in a Camunda Engine. This information is in particular interesting, if you are building a process-starter component and want to react dynamically on processes deployed in your landscape.

    "_id" : "process_approve_request:1:91f2ff26-a64b-11e9-b117-3e6d125b91e2",
    "processDefinitionKey" : "process_approve_request",
    "processDefinitionVersion" : 1,
    "applicationName" : "example-process-approval",
    "processName" : "Request Approval",
    "processDescription" : "This is a wonderful process.",
    "formKey" : "start-approval",
    "startableFromTasklist" : true,
    "candidateStarterUsers" : [],
    "candidateStarterGroups" : [

Tracking Token Collection#

The Axon Tracking Token reflects the index of the event processed by the Mongo View and is stored in the following format:

    "_id" : ObjectId("5d2b45d6a9ca33042abea23b"),
    "processorName" : "io.holunda.camunda.taskpool.view.mongo.service",
    "segment" : 0,
    "owner" : "18524@blackstar",
    "timestamp" : NumberLong(1566379093564),
    "token" : { "$binary" : "PG9yZy5heG9uZnJhbWV3b3JrLmV2ZW50aGFuZGxpbmcuR2xvYmFsU2VxdWVuY2VUcmFja2luZ1Rva2VuPjxnbG9iYWxJbmRleD40NDwvZ2xvYmFsSW5kZXg+PC9vcmcuYXhvbmZyYW1ld29yay5ldmVudGhhbmRsaW5nLkdsb2JhbFNlcXVlbmNlVHJhY2tpbmdUb2tlbj4=", "$type" : "00" },
    "tokenType" : "org.axonframework.eventhandling.GlobalSequenceTrackingToken"

Last update: July 5, 2021