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Component Overview

We decided to build a library as a collection of loose-coupled components which can be used during the construction of the process automation solution. In doing so, we provide Process Engine Integration Components which are intended to be deployed as a part of the process application. In addition, we provide Process Platform Components which serve as a building blocks for the process platform itself.

Process Engine Integration Components#

The Process Engine Integration Components are designed to be a part of process application deployment and react on engine changes / interact with the engine. These are split into common components which are independent of the used product and framework-dependent adapters:

Common Integration Components#

Camunda BPM Integration Components#

Process Platform Components#

Process Platform Components are designed to build the process platform. The platform provides common functionality used by all process applications like common user management, unified task list and so on.

Core Components#

Core Components are responsible for the processing of commands about user tasks, process instances, process variables, business data items and form an event stream consumed by the view components. Depending on the scenario, they can be deployed either within the process application, process platform or even completely separately.

View Components#

View Components are responsible for creation of a unified read-only projection of process definitions, process instances, process variables, user tasks and business data items. They are typically deployed as a part of the process platform.

Other Components#

Last update: July 5, 2021