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Datapool Sender

Datapool Collector#


Datapool collector is a component usually deployed as a part of the process application (but not necessary) that is responsible for collecting the Business Data Events fired by the application in order to allow for creation of a business data projection. In doing so, it collects and transmits it to Datapool Core.


  • Provides an API to submit arbitrary changes of business entities
  • Provides an API to track changes (aka. Audit Log)
  • Authorization on business entries
  • Transmission of business entries commands

Usage and configuration#


Then activate the datapool collector by providing the annotation on any Spring Configuration:

class MyDataEntryCollectorConfiguration {


Command transmission#

In order to control sending of commands to command gateway, the command sender activation property camunda.taskpool.dataentry.sender.enabled (default is true) is available. If disabled, the command sender will log any command instead of sending it to the command gateway.

In addition you can control by the property camunda.taskpool.dataentry.sender.type if you want to use the default command sender or provide your own implementation. The default provided command sender (type: simple) just sends the commands synchronously using Axon Command Bus.

TIP: If you want to implement a custom command sending, please provide your own implementation of the interface DataEntryCommandSender (register a Spring Component of the type) and set the property camunda.taskpool.dataentry.sender.type to custom.

Handling command transmission#

The commands sent by the Datapool Collector are received by Command Handlers. The latter may accept or reject commands, depending on the state of the aggregate and other components. The SimpleDataEntryCommandSender is informed about the command outcome. By default, it will log the outcome to console (success is logged in DEBUG log level, errors are using ERROR log level).

In some situations it is required to take care of command outcome. A prominent example is to include a metric for command dispatching errors into monitoring. For doing so, it is possible to provide own handlers for success and error command outcome.

For Data Entry Command Sender (as a part of Datapool Collector) please provide a Spring Bean implementing the io.holunda.camunda.datapool.sender.DataEntryCommandSuccessHandler and io.holunda.camunda.datapool.sender.DataEntryCommandErrorHandler accordingly.

  fun dataEntryCommandSuccessHandler() = object: DataEntryCommandResultHandler {
    override fun apply(commandMessage: Any, commandResultMessage: CommandResultMessage<out Any?>) {
      // do something here { "Success" }

  fun dataEntryCommandErrorHandler() = object: DataEntryCommandErrorHandler {
    override fun apply(commandMessage: Any, commandResultMessage: CommandResultMessage<out Any?>) {
      // do something here
      logger.error { "Error" }

Last update: July 5, 2021