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Why should I use this?#

  • You are building a process application or platform that comprises multiple process engines?
  • You are building a custom task list for your Camunda process application?
  • You want to include custom business object attributes to your tasks in the task list?
  • You have performance issues with your task list?
  • You need to provide a view on the business objects processed by your processes?
  • You want a customized, business-driven audit log for your processes and changes to the business objects?

If you can answer one of the previous questions with yes, Polyflow's libraries might help you.

How to start?#

We provide documentation for different people and different tasks. A good starting point is the Introduction. You might want to look at Reference Guide containing a Working Example and details about Usage Scenarios.

Get in touch#

If you are missing a feature, have a question regarding usage or deployment, you should definitely get in touch with us. There are various ways to do so:

Gitter chat Slack Github Issues

Last update: July 5, 2021