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Process Application Backend

The process application backend is implementing the process described in the Example application. It demonstrates a typical three-tier application, following the Boundary-Control-Entity pattern.

Boundary Tier#

The REST API is defined using OpenAPI specification and is implemented by Spring MVC controllers. It defines of four logical parts:

  • Environment Controller
  • Request Controller
  • Approve Task Controller
  • Amend Task Controller

Control Tier#

The control tier is implemented using stateless Spring Beans and orchestrated by the Camunda BPM Process. Typical JavaDelegate and ExecutionListener are used as a glue layer. Business services of this layer are responsible for the integration with Datapool Components to reflect the status of the Request business entity. The Camunda BPM Engine is configured to use the TaskCollector to integrate with remaining components of the camunda-bpm-taskpool.

Entity Tier#

The entity tier is implemented using Spring Data JPA, using Hibernate entities. Application data and process engine data is stored using a RDBMS.

Last update: July 5, 2021